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Audio and Video Content Creation



There are a number of tools available which enable instructors to create audio and video content to help fulfill a range of teaching objectives.

Below we list a number of possible content creation ideas you may have and we suggest some tools that you might use to create such content. These are all tools available to staff at York St John and supported by the TEL team.

If you would like to create a content type not listed below, please email us at tel@yorksj.ac.uk and we will explore some different options with you.

Take a look at the audio and video features table to help you choose the tool that would help you create the content you require.




 What do you want to create?


Click on the type of resource you want to create to view an example as well as possible tools you might use to create this resource. Clicking on the tools will take you to guides or other resources to help you use this tool.


This is an example of a screen recording with voice-over created for the Digital Accessibility Training course available to York St John staff on Moodle.

You can use either of these tools to create screencasts:

Screencast-O-Matic - Introductory videoDigital Training Support web pages

Media Library - TEL web page and guides

This is an example of a lecture recorded at Yale University. This is a polished lecture recording which has been edited and made available to the public through YouTube. It is more likely that your lecture recordings will be made available only to your students and therefore Media Library is a good tool to use to record lectures as you can limit their availability to certain students only or store them in your personal category and share a link through Moodle.

You can use either of these tools to record your lectures:

Media Library - TEL web page and guides

Camcorder - you can borrow a camcorder and tripod from Media Loans

Watch this LinkedIn Learning video to learn more about talking head videos:

The talking head from Audio for Video: 3 Real World Solutions by Jeff Jacoby

You could use any of these tools to create a talking head video:

Screencast-O-Matic - Digital Training Support

Media Library - TEL web page and guides

Camcorder - you can borrow a camcorder and tripod from Media Loans

This is an example Adobe Spark video:

You can request an Adobe Creative Cloud account by emailing ile@yorksj.ac.uk. Or get started by clicking here https://www.adobe.com/express/create/video .

Have a look at this video to find out more about Adobe Spark:
Adobe Spark - TEL Adobe Spark introductory video

This is a demo video provided by the University of Cambridge: 

Depending on what you want to demo, any of these tools might be used:

DJI Go - Tutorial Videos

The DJI Go might be especially useful if you are wanting to create a video where you are moving around a lot. You can contact TEL to borrow our DJI Go camera.

Media Library - TEL web page and guides

Screencast-O-Matic - Digital Training Support

Screencast-O-Matic - TEL introductory video

Camcorder - you can borrow a camcorder and tripod from Media Loans

A livestream enables you to share a presentation in real-time with another group of people in a different space. This might be useful if you have students in different rooms and want to address them at the same time. This is an example from the University of Oxford made available through YouTube.

Stream - Get Started with Microsoft Stream

YouTube - Introduction to Live Streaming

Mevo - Mevo Support pages - please contact TEL if you would like to borrow our Mevo camera.

You can now create short videos directly in a Moodle label. These might be useful for making quick announcements to students.

Moodle - Setting up your Course Content Guide - See 'Welcome Video' section

If you want to record and share an audio-only file, you can do this in a Moodle label or alternatively you can use Audacity, which is free software you can download to your PC.

Audacity - Getting Started Guide

Moodle - Setting up your Course Content Guide - See 'Welcome Video' section




Equipment list

In the TEL team, we have some equipment available for staff to use to create content. Click on the plus icons in the image below to find out more information about each type of equipment. This image was created using H5P.

H5P is a tool, that is integrated into Moodle, to allow you to create rich interactive content types. See our H5P webpages for further details.

Snowball Mic








Yeti Mic








Boundary Mic















HD Camcorder








DJI Osmo















The Mevo is a camera with ability to live stream to a multitude of platforms (including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter among others), and edit while you film giving the impression of a professional footage and multiple cameras, with 4K capabilities.

See this comprehensive guide from our Technical Specialist Services Team.



Webcam on top of mini tripod







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