MEDIA Library

The YSJ MEDIALibrary allows academics and students to upload audio and video files and easily interact, engage and communicate with streaming content that works within Moodle, or portfolio pages in Mahara.

Our MEDIALibrary now has an exciting new feature called MEDIALecture that gives you the ability to record your screen, audio and webcam and instantly upload your recordings directly to the MEDIALibrary. Once your media content is uploaded, it can be easily embedded into other systems, for example in module pages in Moodle, or portfolio pages in Mahara.

You can install MEDIALecture onto your desktop computer and other teaching spaces.


Recording Media using MEDIALecture



How can you use the Media Library

  • - Giving video introductions to your lectures or seminars
  • - Creating video summaries of your lectures key messages
  • - Giving instructional demonstrations on how to perform particular tasks
  • - Recording performances or practical exercises for peer review
  • - Sharing evidence of good practice within your Programme, School, or with the entire University
  • - A space for students to upload their own content for showcasing or peer feedback
  • - Recording lectures
  • - Using your mobile or tablet device to record video and upload straight to the MEDIALibrary
  • - Using the Video submissions portal in Moodle to allow students to upload their assessment directly via Moodle
  • - Using MEDIALibray directly within Moodle
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