Microsoft Teams for Teaching

Teams for Organisation and Collaboration

If you are wanting to set up spaces online where your students can work together collaboratively on documents or if you want to set up a space where you can work collaboratively with other teaching staff, Teams could be a good option. Although Martin and Tapp (2019) highlight the importance of making 'a clear distinction between the use of Teams and other mainstram LMSs', it is clear that there is some functionality offered by Teams which is not offered in Moodle. As long as teaching staff provide clear guidance to students on where to go to carry out different activities, Teams can be used to enhance teaching and learning both online and within face-to-face teaching environments.

Staff and students at York St John can access Microsoft Teams through Office 365 and set up their own teams and channels, adding students and staff as they wish.

You can add apps to your Teams space, ranging from YouTube videos and interactive mind maps to Planners. You can also upload documents which members can then work on together. Each team space can have its own Notebook. If you have set up a Class Team space, this will be a Class Notebook, with a collaborative area as well as individual spaces for each student where they can share content privately with the tutor. 

York St John lecturers, Julie Raby and Joseph Bailey, have both used Teams successfully in their teaching already and have shared their experiences through blog posts on the TEL website.



Martin, L. and Tapp, D. (2019) Teaching with Teams: An introduction to teaching an undergraduate law module using Microsoft Teams. Innovative Practice in Higher Education. 3(3). Available at: 

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