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Digital Creation, Problem Solving & Innovation

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Digital Creation

The capacity to design and/or create new digital artefacts and materials.

  • Edit, remix and repurpose digital media to meet learning needs. Design and create digital materials to meet learning needs.
  • Produce digital materials – text, images, video, audio, digital presentations, podcasts and screencasts, blog and web posts – to communicate curriculum content.
  • Design digital tests, quizzes and assessment tasks.
  • Design digital activities for different learning and teaching contexts.

At higher levels:

  • Design interactive digital materials eg learning apps and applications, educational games and animations, virtual environments and interfaces, interactive tutorials.
  • Design courses of study that embed digital capabilities and/or include digital issues as subject matter.

Digital Research & Problem Solving

The capacity to use digital evidence to solve problems and answer questions.

  • Collect, understand and use evaluation data from teaching/learning eg using online surveys, data capture tools, video and audio recording, social and sharing media, qualitative and quantitative data analysis tools, data visualisation.
  • Use the outcomes of digital scholarship (eg open data, data visualisations, infographics, e-journals) as resources for learning and teaching.

At higher levels:

  • Evaluate new digital approaches to learning and teaching; investigate issues in digital learning; present or publish in open / digital formats.
  • Support critical thinking about the role of digital technologies in teaching/learning and in specific subject areas.

Digital Innovation

The capacity to adopt and develop new practices with digital technology.

  • Investigate and implement new digital approaches to learning, teaching and assessment.
  • Identify problems and challenges in digital learning, and explore solutions.

At higher levels:

  • Develop and share new practices with digital technology in learning, teaching and assessment; lead organisational change projects; lead departments and teams in new initiatives in response to digital challenges and opportunities.

TEL Recommends

Video can be an incredibly powerful tool for conveying ideas and information. While most of us are comfortable with video being utilised in an educational context, we must consider if we are making the most of video as a teaching medium and maximising the benefits as learning practitioners.


The Adobe Education Exchange provides free professional development and resources, designed by educators for educators, to ignite creativity in the classroom.


The time is right to develop ‘audio-enhanced learning environments.’ The technology is readily available and usable and innovative academics and students are already using it.


Technology Enhanced Learning

The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) team supports staff in using a range of tools and technologies to enable effective e-pedagogy.

We offer support and training for staff on a wide range of technology enhanced learning solutions, including Moodle, Mahara, MEDIALibrary, Turnitin, WordPress, Mentimeter, Screencast-on-Matic, and more!

Contact TEL@yorksj.ac.uk to discuss your training needs...

Digital Training

IT services are a key part of your time at York St John and there is pleanty of help availble to you.

One to one training is available for all of the software and systems that are used day to day in the University. Tutorials are usually held on the ground floor of the Fountains Learning Centre but for staff, can be arranged at your desk. See Getting Help in Person for more details.

Digital Training also have one hour, hands on Bookable Courses in all key programs and a large collection of Help Videos and Sheets.

Contact DigitalTraining@yorksj.ac.uk for more information...

Online Resources

Adobe Education Exchange: Adobe courses, workshops, teaching materials and community for educators.

Creating open educational resources (OER): free course from the Open University on OpenLearn.

Creativity & Innovation Toolkit: practical toolkit from the Edward de Bono Foundation.

Creativity Techniques: A-Z of creativity and innovation techniques from Mycoted.

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