Getting Ready for the New Academic Year

The TEL team have put in place some Moodle workshops, webinars and more to help get your Moodle pages up and running with some helpful hints and tips along the way.

Checklist – Getting your Moodle Pages ready

This is a quick checklist to help get your Moodle pages set up as quickly as possible.

If you haven’t activated your courses for 2019-20, visit our Moodle webpages or see our blog for step by step guidance.

If you would like to import your material from previous academic years, here is our step by step guide and blog on how you can do this. Please note: You should never import Turnitin Assignments across to your 19-20 pages. Always create new Turnitin assignments within your course. Also Announcement forums do not need to be brought across either as new Forum announcements are created in every activated course.

Once you have imported your material across, this guide will give you quick tips on ensuring your module is ready for the next semester.

With the new public bodies legislation coming into effect, creating accessible documents is now a legal requirement. In Moodle, Ally will give you a score on how accessible your documents you have uploaded to Moodle are. Ally will then provide advice on how you can make your documents accessible. For more about Ally and how it works within Moodle, see our Ally webpages or see our inclusivity & accessibility webpages for other support and resources on how to create accessible documents. 

If you have hidden your course while you have been updating it, remember to make the course visible to your students again.

Moodle Workshops and Webinars

There will be a number of Moodle Workshops taking place at the start of September. The first half of the session will be a presentation by a member of the TEL team and after the presentation, there will be time for you to work on your own Moodle pages and ask any questions you may have. The list of the workshops can be found below. If you are not able to make a particular workshop, we will also be broadcasting the workshop live as a webinar. The webinars are only available to YSJ staff and you can find out how to join the webinars in the Webinar links document.


W/C 2nd September Time Room no.
Monday 2 September – Activating Moodle Courses and Importing Content  12:00-13:00  FT/207
Tuesday 3 September – Setting up Modules  12:00-13:00  FT/207
Wednesday 4 September – Assignments and Moodle  12:00-13:00  FT/207
Thursday 5 September – Interaction and Collaboration  12:00-13:00  FT/207
Friday 6 September – Learner Support  12:00-13:00  FT/210


W/C 9th September Time Room no.
Monday 9 September – Activating Moodle Courses and Importing Content  12:00-13:00 FT/210
Tuesday 10 September – Setting up Modules  12:00-13:00 FT/210
Wednesday 11 September – Assignments and Moodle   13:00-14:00 FT/210
Thursday 12 September – Interaction and Collaboration  13:00-14:00 FT/210
Friday 13 September – Learner Support  13:00-14:00 FT/210


Other TEL workshops/webinars will be taking place throughout the year. Further details will follow.

Assessment Blog Series

Following the Moodle workshops, the week commencing the 16th September, the TEL team will be publishing a series of blog posts around Assessment. We will be going into more detail about the types of assessment tools you can use within Moodle for both summative and formative assessments, including Moodle and Turnitin Assignments; Peer marking activity tools such as Moodle Workshop and Turnitin PeerMark; Moodle Quiz activity and H5P interactive content.


The TEL team have produced a number of guides on the TEL digital tools we support. See our Digital tools support webpages to find out more.

See our Moodle guides for further advice, hints and tips with Moodle.

Where can I get more help?

The TEL team will be on hand to support you as you prepare your Moodle pages for 19-20. We can arrange 1-to-1 tutorials, answer queries by email, telephone or twitter @YSJTEL and we can advise on other digital tools you can use in your teaching. For a list of the digital tools we are currently supporting, please see our TEL webpages.

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