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Creating Interactive Content in Moodle

Frequently Asked Questions

H5P is a tool within Moodle which enables you to create interactive content easily. 

There are many activity types available through H5P including multiple choice quizzes, interactive videos and presentations, dictation activities and image hotspots. A comprehensive list of content types and examples is available on the H5P website.

You can create and try out content by signing up for a free account at H5P.org however H5P.org is only for trying out activities. Do not use H5P.org to host real content. The content you create in Moodle using the H5P integrated plugin can only be accessed by your students. For this reason, we suggest you build your H5P activities in Moodle.




Creating Interactive Content with H5P

H5P is an easy-to-use tool integrated in Moodle which enables you to create interactive content easily and quickly.

From interactive videos, presentations and 360 panoramas, to multiple choice questions, timelines and accordions, there are many different types of content you can create. Your content can be shared and re-used in other Moodle sites as well.

Here are just a few of our favourite content types

Upload a video from the MEDIALibrary or YouTube and add questions, pop-up text and other types of interactions.

Create a slideshow and embed questions and other interactions

Create dilemmas and self paced learning

Create a sequence of images that gradually appear.

Create text-based turning cards.

Create a dictation with instant feedback.

Create a timeline of events with multimedia.

Create interactive 360 environments.

Create a drag and drop image matching game.

Create a multiple choice questions quiz.

Answer a question using your voice.

Create image hotspot for users to find.

H5P can be used to facilitate:
  • - Interactivity and engagement within Moodle
  • - Regular formative feedback
  • - Creation of revision materials
  • - Active learning
  • - Creation of flipped learning content
Some examples are:
  • - Creating instructional videos
  • - Creating interactive safety videos
  • - Creating a branching scenario around students going on a placement
  • - Creating timelines of events
  • - Creating interactions with 360 virtual tours. For example a 360 view of a Roman Amphitheatre
  • - Creating memory games and dialogue cards for revision purposes


H5P.org has extensive tutorials on the creation of all the content types available within Moodle or you can get help in person by contacting the TEL team. 

Course Presentation

Interactive Video


Branching Scenario




Course Presentation Example

Dialogue Cards Example

These examples have been taken from H5P.org

Visit their website to see more examples.

How to add Interactive Content using H5P on Moodle

Step 1. Login to Moodle and Turn Editing on.

Step 2. On the Topic section where you would like your H5P content, click on Add an Activity or Resource.

Step 3. In the Activity section, double click on H5P Interactive Content

Step 4. Add a title to your content type. This is what the student will see on the Moodle page so it could say something like ‘Flashcards’.

Step 5. Click Select Content Type to open up the various H5P content types.

Step 6. Click Get on the content type you wish to use and you will be presented with the content type details page. This page is where you can read the details of the content type, see screenshots and look at demos.

Step 7. If you wish to continue with the content type you have chosen, scroll down and click on Install.

Step 8. The content type is ready for use. Click Use to open the editor and you will be able to start creating your content.

Tutorials on how to set up each content type can be accessed from the H5P website.

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