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Digital Content Creation


There are a number of tools available which enable instructors to create digital content to help fulfill a range of teaching objectives.

Below we list a number of possible content creation ideas you may have and we suggest some tools that you might use to create such content. These are all tools available to staff at York St John and supported by the TEL team.

If you would like to create a content type not listed below, please email us at tel@yorksj.ac.uk and we will explore some different options with you.


What do you want to create?

Click on the type of resource you want to create to view possible tools you might use to create this resource. Clicking on the tools will take you to guides or other resources to help you use this tool.


Use Mentimeter or Padlet to collect student responses and encourage more group work.

See our web pages and guides on Mentimeter and Padlet for more information.

Create an introductory video using Media Library or Screencast-O-Matic

See our web page and guides on Media Library. See Digital Training's introduction to Screencast-O-Matic.

You can request webcams and mics from ile@yorksj.ac.uk or contact tel@yorksj.ac.uk to borrow a webcam or boundary mic. We have limited availability but will do our best to share what we have.

Use Adobe Spark to make video content quickly or Sway to create interactive presentations

You can request an Adobe Creative Cloud account by emailing ile@yorksj.ac.uk. Or get started with a free account.

You can start creating with Sway by opening Office 365 and selecting the Sway logo at the top.

Microsoft Teams is being used more to bring students together in working on the same documents

Padlet is a useful tool for encouraging group work synchronously or asynchronously

Read about how Joe Bailey and Julie Raby have used Teams so far on the TEL blog.

Read about how Ian Wilson has used Padlet on his website.

You can use H5P or Moodle Quiz activity to create quizzes or interactive presentations which allow students to check their understanding of a subject.

    Find more information and guides on our H5P web page.

    See our Moodle Quiz guide here and there is a blog post about the Moodle Quiz activity here.



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