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Frequently Asked Questions

Not yet! At the moment, we are still in the pilot phase so you will need to contact the TEL team to request a licence before you start using TurningPoint. We currently have a limited number of licences but will give you one if there is one available.


To vote, students should go to the URL ttpoll.eu and type in the session ID. They can alternatively use the TurningPoint app if they have downloaded this.


After clicking on the "enable" button on the TurningPoint dashboard, you will need to click on the next window on the "session options", to gain access to the session specific settings.

On there, change in each of the drop down menus from "optional" or "require" to "not show".

Do not forget to "save" any changes you may make. You can then close this window and "start" your session without the students being prompted to enter details after entering the ID.

The session ID is the code that students input to gain access to your polling sessions. It is recommended that you set up session IDs for each module and you can therefore use the module code as the session ID.







During semester 1 2019 we are running a TurningPoint audience response system pilot. This came about in response to requests from staff to be able to use an audience response system more easily within PowerPoint. 

Almost 20 members of staff currently have licences for this software and are now able to access TurningPoint through AppsAnywhere and start creating presentations from scratch, adding in interactive poll slides. They can also open presentations they have already created and add interactive slides to them.

There are some guides provided by TurningTechnologies linked to below and more available on their support website. If you would be interested in taking part in the pilot, there are still a few licenses left, so please get in touch with the TEL team.

Please see our Mentimeter page for more general information on audience response systems and research around their use. 



TurningPoint Introduction

Getting Started for PC

Getting Started for Mac

PowerPoint Polling for PC 

PowerPoint Polling for Mac

Building your Presentation

Running your Presentation

Generating Reports



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