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Introducing Mentimeter for Microsoft Teams App

NEW – Mentimeter for Microsoft Teams app – Live Polls, Quizzes and Q&As in Microsoft Teams!

In case you missed it.. YSJ now has a university-wide licence for Mentimeter for all staff and students! To find out more, read our recent blog post.

How do I use Mentimeter in a Microsoft Teams meeting?

You can follow the steps outlined below or read simple step-by-step instructions at https://www.mentimeter.com/microsoft-teams

Step 1 – Schedule your Teams meeting

Launch the Teams for desktop app, schedule a Teams meeting and invite participants. If you are unsure how to do this, read the Mentimeter for Teams help article.

Step 2 – Edit your meeting and add the Mentimeter App

Edit your Teams meeting, search for the Mentimeter App, select the “+” symbol and search for the Mentimeter App. Add the Mentimeter App to your scheduled meeting and log in to your Mentimeter account.

Step 3 – Find the presentation you want to use

You can now view your presentation library and select the one you want to use (click present).

Step 4 – Share your screen

As you are the meeting organiser, start the meeting, share your screen and select the Microsoft Teams window with your presentation on.

Step 5 – Start using Mentimeter for Teams!

Start engaging your audience!


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