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Microlearning: Create short videos for Moodle courses.

Microlearning is a method of learning via short materials that are presented through digital media. It allows to learn without interrupting workflow and without overwhelming learners with a large amount of information. Allowing to learn precisely and efficiently.

It is popular as it fits within how society is consuming information. As for example, searching the internet for a precise answer quickly. And this is a way how learners are willing to learn. Microlearning allows to fit 2–5-minute videos between other tasks for the learner, without losing their attention or concentration.

The 2–5-minute videos can serve as demonstrations, instructions, or explanations for learning material. And can be used within Moodle courses.


If you would like to film a microlearning video, please send an e-mail to k.brence@yorksj.ac.uk
Or alternatively, fill in the Microlearning Form and you will be contacted.

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