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New Year, New JISC Online Surveys Tool!

Introducing JISC Online Surveys Version 3

JISC Online Surveys V3 Dashboard example
Image owned by JISC


The newest version of JISC Online Surveys is now live and available to staff at York St John. Staff with a current JISC account will be receiving an email to gain access to the new platform.
The new Online Surveys V3 platform uses the same principles as the previous version, however has an updated interface that promises to streamline survey building.

How to

You will only be able to access the new platform if you have received an email inviting you to the platform. If you have not received an email and would like access, please contact support@yorksj.ac.uk. If you have received an email with an invitation you can access Online Surveys here.

JISC supplies a range of tools to support you in the creation of your surveys. A simple step-by-step guide to creating surveys can be found here. Surveys can be created in three different ways, creating from scratch, copying from a previous survey, and creating a new survey from a shared existing survey.



Can I use my old version of Online Surveys?

Yes, you can continue to use your old version (Version 2) of Online Surveys until the 31st of July 2024

Will my old surveys be migrated across?

No. Unfortunately, JISC is not supporting bulk exportation across previous surveys and response data. However, it is possible to export individual surveys from Version 2 to Version 3. In addition, you can have access to exporting your response data. Please note, that JISC advises you will only be able to perform this action until the 31st of July.

What happens to the old version of Online Surveys?

All-access to Online Surveys version 2 will be shut off on 31 July 2024. Please give enough time in advance to export any surveys or response data in advance of this date.

How can I find out more about the tool?

JISC is offering monthly drop-in clinics for users of Online Surveys. This will allow you to view new feature releases and have your questions answered by our Online Survey experts with live demonstrations. Visit this site if you wish to attend an online training session.

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