Saying Goodbye to Storify and Introducing Wakelet

Storify, a popular web-based tool for curating content, will be ending from the 16th May 2018. This tool allowed you to create stories from social media platforms and bring together social media interactions into one single timeline of events; which could then be shared with others. Now Storify is ending, we have explored alternative tools you could use. One such option is Wakelet.

What is it?

Wakelet is a free service that allows you to save content from the web, such as articles, videos, images, tweets etc and then organise them into a story or collection. You can add your own images, write your own text and reorder them however you like.
Once you have created your Wakelet, you can keep them private or share them. They can also be embedded into any blog or website.

How does it work?

Sign up for a free account with an email address and password and start creating a new story. It is as simple as that. 
To start, simply click on new collection/story. From there you will be sent to a page, where you can add a cover image, give your collection a title and description, choose how you would like to view your Wakelet (Media view, compact view or grid view) and then click on one of the 4 icons to start adding content. (When adding tweets for the first time, you will need to connect your Twitter account).
Once you have created your Wakelet, choose whether it remains private, unlisted (so only those with a link can view it) or public. 
It is also possible to follow, like and share other Wakelet collections.

Teaching, Learning and Research

Wakelet can be used to curate tweets from a module hashtag; or students could curate content around a particular topic they are researching or presenting about. You could also curate tweets from a conference that you have attended and then share your collection with your colleagues!

Importing content from Storify to Wakelet

If like us, you have created stories from Storify and still need access to them, it is really easy to import from Storify to your Wakelet account. Please note, once Storify closes down on the 16th May 2018, you will no longer be able to import your stories across.
This short video will show you how to import from Storify.

Have you previously used Storify? Can you see any advantages of using Wakelet in your teaching? Are there any other curation tools you have been using? As always let us know in the comments!

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