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10 Days of Twitter #YSJ10DoT 2019 – Coming Soon!

Ever wondered if Twitter might be a useful tool for enhancing your teaching and learning, or developing your personal learning network? Not sure how to get started, or how it all works?

Welcome to Ten Days of Twitter, or as it’s called in twitterspeak, #YSJ10DoT !

YSJ10DoT will take place from Monday 25 March – Friday 5 April.

10 Days of Twitter will help you to learn to use Twitter from scratch, build up your network and join in the conversation in 10 days!

Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform on which you can post 280 character ‘tweets’ which your followers can see, and you can follow other people to see what they’re sharing. Sounds easy! In fact, setting up an account, following people and sending tweets is easy!

At first people are often very skeptical – what could you possibly say that was of any academic or professional value in 280 characters? And why would anyone care to know what you are saying? How could Twitter possibly enhance your work in any way, other than a fun way to distract yourself from real work? To find out, view the schedule and register to participate on our 10 days of Twitter page on our blog.

Over the ten days, we’ll be exploring Twitter together. During each of the Ten Days of Twitter, We’ll be sharing a daily post on a small aspect of Twitter, to get you up and running and exploring what Twitter might offer you. None of these activities will take up very much of your time, so we hope it will be a worthwhile experiment for you! We’ll be interacting with each other too, so you’ll be building up your network on Twitter very quickly! There are quite a few academics, faculties, programmes etc. on Twitter already, using it to ask questions, find resources, collaborate on projects etc. – join us!

One important thing to remember: whenever you tweet about the programme, use the hashtag #YSJ10DoT so that we can find each other. We’ll explain more later!

Open Badges and a Prize Draw

To encourage full engagement, and to allow participants to evidence their Twitter skills, the TEL team will award two open badges for various (optional!) tasks over the course of the ten days. There will also be prize draw at the end for members of YSJ staff who have earned both open badges. Be sure to keep an eye on the 10 days of Twitter page on our blog for full details.

We hope you’ll join us for Ten Days of Twitter – give it a chance, give it time for your network to build and get to know you, explore what it can do for you and make up your own mind!

The TEL Team (@YSJTEL)

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