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12/24/36/48 Apps of Christmas!

Micro-learning is a concept which deals with relatively small learning units and short-term learning activities, where the learner is in control of what and when they learn.
This approach is increasingly being used to deliver bite-sized learning activities, usually to otherwise very busy staff and students, and can be a great way to engage in CPD, especially in our field of Technology Enhanced Learning (take our 10 Days of Twitter for example).
This year there are no fewer than four ’12 Apps of Christmas’ being delivered by various institutions on Twitter…in no particular order…
12 Apps of Christmas | University of West London | @UWL12Apps | #UWL12Apps
What they say: “We’ve gathered 12 useful & fun apps for people in higher education. Starting on 1 Dec ’15 we’ll reveal one app per day: Get involved & tell us how you get on!”
12 Apps of Christmas | Regents University London | @12AoC | #RUL12AoC
What they say: “The 12 Apps of Christmas is a free online course provided by Regent’s University London. It has won the 2015 Credo Digital Award for Information Literacy.”
12 Apps of Christmas | University of Brighton | #12BrightApps
What they say: “The Twelve Apps of Christmas is a short on-line mini-course using this blog, Twitter and e-mail aimed at academic staff (lecturers, support staff, librarians, etc.) but also for anyone interested in using Apps for learning, whether you’re at our institution, or just playing along at home for the fun of it.
12 Apps of Christmas | Dublin Institute of Technology | @12appsDIT | #12AppsDIT
What they say: “This is the second instalment in the award winning series The 12 Apps of Christmas from the Dublin Institute of Technology.”
If you’re interested in mobile learning then why not follow along!? I’m not suggesting you join in with all four of them (unless you want to), but just choose one that interests you the most! Let us know which one you’re following in the comments below, and keep us posted on what you’re learning!
‘Appy Christmas!

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  1. Thanks a million for the mention Phil. Our 12 Apps of Christmas is taking a bit of a twist this year and is aimed at students as well as their educators. We’re trying to show the role that mobile apps can play in the personalisation of learning and so have picked out 12 apps that students can use to help them access information, engage with it, and express their understanding of it, in ways that suit their preferred learning style. Many of the apps could be integrated by educators too into their teaching and assessment practices so the course is relevant to them too. The site also provides some information for educators around the little changes that they can make that helps provide the kind of environment that encourages personalisation. As I type there are 650 registered to take part and we’re looking forward to interacting with everyone online for 12 days in December. We’re launching our own app today too so you can follow the course via the website or the app. Check Google Play or iTunes for the12AppsDIT app!

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