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Graduate Internship with Academic Development Directorate

addThe Academic Development Directorate (ADD) are currently recruiting for a YSJ student graduate intern!
This is a full-time, 12 week, paid position available to 2015 and 2016 YSJ graduates!
Below is a summary of the role and responsibilities, you can visit the Jobs and Careers Graduate Internships website to download the full job description.
JOB PURPOSE: You will work as an assistant to the Technology Enhanced Learning Team, Educational Developer, and Head of Research Development. You will be primarily responsible for supporting the team in the production of high quality electronic resources. This will involve working closely with key members of teaching staff from across York St John to create subject specific content and share best practice in using technology to enhance learning, teaching and assessment.
You will be expected to use Moodle, the University’s Virtual Learning Environment, along with a range of popular educational software applications, largely web-based, to create highly interactive and engaging learning resources for staff use, e.g. quizzes, adaptive lessons and so on. Activity may also extend to the creation of multimedia assets, including podcasts, short video clips, and animations (dependant on the skillset of the individual employed). You may also be involved in other projects, yet to be defined, which support the enhancement of teaching, learning and research.

  • Produce electronic learning materials under the guidance of the ADD and key members of teaching staff from across York St John.
  • Curate and display high-quality content, including sourcing suitable images and Open Educational Resources (OER).
  • Use multimedia production tools and techniques to design and create highly-engaging learning materials, e.g. graphics, podcasts, video clips, and animations.
  • To continue to develop and enhance relevant webpages and social media accounts e.g. Twitter, blogs.
  • Speak to staff about pedagogic practices, research and the use of technology at the University and gather data to inform future development of supporting materials and resources.
  • To work effectively as a team member in ADD, and carry out any other such duties as may be assigned from time-to-time by members of the team.

Please note: No prior experience in developing electronic learning resources is required, only a willingness to learn. The successful candidate will receive in-depth training on all of the software packages/web-based services they will be required to use.
Visit the Jobs and Careers website for full details and information on how to apply, and contact ADD@yorksj.ac.uk, internships@yorksj.ac.uk or careers@yorksj.ac.uk if you have any questions.

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