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Learn with Lynda – Learning Instagram

We’re getting social with our first Learn with Lynda post of 2018! This month we’re highlighting Learning Instagram, a 1 hour 5 minute course from Garrick Chow.
Instagram is a popular photo-sharing social network. It’s second only to Facebook, and new members are joining every day. This course will help curious or intimidated new Instagram users get up to speed quickly. Chow explains how to install the Instagram app, find and follow users, and take and post pictures. Plus, learn how to use Instagram filters, use captions and hashtags, and develop a community of followers.

Topics include:

  • What is Instagram?
  • Creating an Instagram account
  • Following other users
  • Shooting photos and videos
  • Processing photos
  • Posting photos to Instagram
  • Liking and commenting on photos
  • Tagging photos
  • Regrammming photos

Watch a preview of Learning Instagram

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the course! Was it helpful? Are you a brand new user to Instagram or a seasoned pro? Do you have any tips and advice for others? Leave a comment below!lyndalinkedin
P.S. Did you know? You can integrate your lynda.com course completion certificates with your LinkedIn profile – and share the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired. Simply ‘Share’ your certificate of completion and select ‘Post to LinkedIn profile’!

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