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Moodle & 3E Framework

The 3E Framework is based on a tried and tested Enhance-Extend-Empower continuum for using technology to effectively support learning, teaching and assessment. The three broad stages of the continuum are:

  • front_pageEnhance – Adopting technology in simple and effective ways to actively support students and increase their activity and self-responsibility.
  • Extend – Further use of technology that facilitates key aspects of students’ individual and collaborative learning and assessment through increasing their choice and control.
  • Empower – Developed use of technology that requires higher order individual and collaborative learning that reflect how knowledge is created and used in professional environments.

Here are some ideas about how you might meaningfully incorporate the use of some of Moodle’s activities into the 3E element of the TEL Quality Framework.
Note: This is a list of possible applications, not an exhaustive list of ways in which you could use each of Moodle’s activities.
[gview file=”http://blog.yorksj.ac.uk/moodle/files/2014/04/3E-Activity-Mapping.pdf”]
Are you using the Enhance-Extend-Empower continuum for effectively support learning, teaching and assessment within Moodle? If you are, please share it with us using the comments feature below.

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