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Moodle Mondays – Adding YouTube videos to your course

What is it?
YouTube is a video sharing website available at http://youtube.com which allows you to upload, share and view videos.
How does it work?
There are two ways in which you can add a YouTube video to your course. You can add a link to the video or embed it within your course. Embedding YouTube videos in your course means students can watch them without leaving Moodle.
You can embed a YouTube video anywhere you have access to Moodle’s text editor. This includes: Labels, Topics areas, Book resources and Moodle Pages.
Follow the instructions in the guide below on how to add a YouTube video to your course.
How can I use it to support my teaching?
The use of video has become a lot more mainstream in HE teaching, learning and assessment in recent times, mainly due to the accessibility and ease of use of equipment and software, but also due to the growing realisation of the pedagogic benefits of video content.
Take a look at our ‘10 Ways to Use Video in Your Teaching’ blog post for ideas and inspiration on how to successfully enhance learning with video content.
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