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Nearpod Case Study

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be presenting a number of case studies where technology is being used in line with teaching goals at York St John.

In our third case study, Rachel Burke discusses the use of Nearpod in her teaching.

Summary of approach/tool

Nearpod allows teachers to import lessons from any file type and begin adding interactive elements, web-links or video snippets to them. It can be used to create more interactive teaching experiences which students can either work through in their own time or along with the instructor. It can make it easier to collect feedback from students and assess their level of understanding in class.


Member of staff: Rachel Burke

School: Sport

What was the issue/need you were trying to address with the use of this approach/tool?

In class it’s easy to feel lost in the crowd. With Nearpod, it allows for interactive learning. The quiz will allow the students to identify if they’re comprehending the lecture and it offers instant feedback to the lecturer.

What did you do? For how long? With how many students?

I used Nearpod for every lecture for a semester with second year students (n=13).

How did it go? What were the benefits? Did you face any challenges?

The students enjoyed using Nearpod, mainly for the quizzes. The quizzes were also beneficial for me as they would indicate which areas I would have to go back over.

I like the integrated video in the slides, the open ended questions and the polls. The software enabled the class to easily start conversations which sometimes can be difficult in lectures.

Luckily enough I did not face any challenges, the internet was fast enough and everyone was willing to use the software.

A colleague in another University had a student in class that did not want to interact with the software due to the cookies. We reviewed the information the software would receive and both thought it was not invasive information.

Do you have any tips for other people using the tool?

The website has how to use Nearpod videos which are very helpful.


If you would are looking for ways to check understanding in classes and to better engage students, please get in touch with the TEL team.


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