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PowerPoint Live now available in Microsoft Teams

PowerPoint Live is a new presenting experience that supports both audience members and their presenters to create a richer experience for sharing content.  Everyone will feel more engaged and included during your presentation.

Once you have launched a Teams meeting, choose a file under the new PowerPoint Live section of the Share content area in Teams.


The Private view allows the presenter to see everything in one place such as their presentation notes.  The thumbnail strip at the bottom shows what slides are coming next.

The Presenter view also provides easy private access to the chat tool as well as being able to see the audience, so reactions can be checked during the presentation with ease.


The audience will see the active slide, but will also be able to see the presenter and engage with them, using the chat tool, and emojis, to share their live reactions.

Since the audience may have different needs, they may want to look at the content of the slides at their own pace.  A new feature allows them to refer to a previous slide, or a slide that is coming up, and then skip back to the slide the presenter is currently on when required.  The audience are also also be able to interact with content such as hyperlinks and videos during an interactive presentation.

If presenting with others, co-presenters can easily ‘Take control’ seamlessly during a presentation with access to the Presenter View notes etc.



PowerPoint Live allows attendees to access the share content through screen readers.  A high-contrast mode for all content is available to each participant to choose on their device.  This high contrast mode within PowerPoint Live is to be released soon.


For more information about this feature:

Introducing PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Tech Community

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