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Quickly convert your Padlet to Presentations

New Feature in Padlet

Padlet, the versatile platform that enables you to create collaborative walls for sharing a variety of posts with different audiences, either publicly or by invitation has created a new feature within its system. Padlet now supports a new feature where you can now quickly convert new and existing Padlets to presentations. These presentations require no design and automatically adjust text size and media depending on the device the viewer is using.

Link to access padlet

How to convert to a Presentation

To convert a Padlet to Presentation view, open the Padlet you wish to use.

Screenshot of a timeline of key developments in Britain between 55BC to 1100CE

On the right hand side, go to the menu and click the Open Slideshow button

screenshot of padlet menu with a red box around the Open Presentation option

This will automatically convert your Padlet into presentation mode. This allows staff and students to create alternative resources to existing content.

screenshot example of a presentation in padlet


If you have yet to access Padlet and would like to use this resource. TEL has provided a guide to Logging Into Padlet and additional Padlet resources can be found on the TEL Blog.

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