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TEL Surgeries: Moodle Help for Staff in January

The TEL Team are holding a number of drop-in ‘surgeries’ in January for staff who may need help setting up their semester 2 Moodle courses, have questions about WordPress or have any other queries related to Technology Enhanced Learning. No appointment is necessary and staff can drop in during any of the times listed below.

Week beginning 21st January

Date Time Room no.
Monday 21st January
10:30-12:00 FT/112
Tuesday 22nd January 14:00-15:30 FT/112
Wednesday 23rd January
10:00-11:30 FT/112
Thursday 24th January
14:00-15:30 FT/114
Friday 25th January
10:00-11:30 FT/114


Week beginning 28th January

Date Time Room no.
Monday 28th January
10:00-11:30 FT/112
Tuesday 29th January 14:30-16:00 FT/113
Wednesday 30th January
09:00-10:30 FT/210
Thursday 31st January
14:30-16:00 FT/113
Friday 1st February
14:30-16:00 FT/113

If you want help importing your Moodle content from last year’s version of the course into this year’s, it would be helpful if you ‘activate’ your Moodle course the day before you come to see us. Moodle Modules and Moodle itself only sync up twice a day, at midday and midnight, so if this isn’t done before you come to see us we won’t be able to help. The links below have instructions on how to activate your modules, how to import content and how to develop your course in line with the TEL Quality Framework and the 3E Framework. Why not subscribe to our blog to receive email updates of new posts!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any Moodle queries at tel@yorksj.ac.uk 

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