TEL Team available in School Admin Unit offices

The TEL team will be working for a morning or an afternoon per week in the SAU offices over the next term. If you would like to see a member of the team, please check the following timetable:

Date Time
(9-12 or 2-5)
Branch Room/Desk
20.09.18 9-12 De Grey DG006
26.09.18 9-12 Quad QS211
03.10.18 9-11 De Grey DG006
10.10.18 9-12 Quad QS213
16.10.18 9-12 De Grey DG006
25.10.18 9-12 Quad QS211
31.10.18 9-12 De Grey DG006
6.11.18 9-12 Quad QS213
15.11.18 9-12 De Grey DG006
19.11.18 2-5 Quad QS211
26.11.18 2-5 De Grey DG006
04.12.18 9-12 Quad QS213
11.12.18 2-5 De Grey DG006

Please feel free to contact the team at to arrange a meeting at a more convenient time if preferable.


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