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Upgrade to Mahara 20.10

In June, the Mahara e-portfolio will be upgraded to version 20.10. This blog post highlights some of the newer features that come with this upgrade.

Text block instructions

You can structure a page to include defined areas for adding responses using text blocks which now support an Instructions area just like you can with a portfolio. You can use this to provide students with advise on what they should include in each section (in a text block you can add images and links to websites and other portfolio pages).

Quick Edit

You can now quickly edit each text block in Details mode, without needing to turn editing on for the whole page. This makes it much quicker to fill in and edit each section (this feature isn’t yet available for editing images and other media types).

Portfolios declared as a template

When you create a portfolio page it can be marked as a template. If you have marked a portfolio as a template, when it is copied to a learner’s portfolio, the instructions provided are locked and cannot be deleted. If a learner wants to remove these they will need to make a copy from the copy.

Portfolio completion page

The Portfolio completion progress page shows in a quick overview how many sign-offs and verifications have already been done in the portfolio, and what still needs to be completed. To enable the portfolio completion page, the sign-off block needs to be enabled by the site administrator. The portfolio completion progress page can be used in conjunction with page sign-off and verification. It shows how many of these have already been attained, and which ones are still outstanding. The page displays a progress bar for a percentage overview of all sign-offs and verification as well as a list of all pages within the collection along with their sign-off and verification status.


Release highlights video


Finally, do you ever find you need help with Mahara?
At the bottom of each Mahara page, you will find a link to the Mahara help guide that will link to the particular page you are looking at, and need help with. We have also produced some guides, which can be found below.



Mahara guide for academic staff

Quick guide to creating a Mahara e-portfolio submission portal in Moodle

How to create a Mahara submission portal in Moodle (video guide)


For more detailed information on the other features of Mahara, you can view the Maraha.org user manual


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