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Module Introduction Video

Lecturers now have the opportunity to record module/course introduction videos on campus. These videos would be a great addition to Moodle courses and are a great way to introduce students to staff, learning outcomes, as well as provide information on how to navigate on Moodle.
Or alternatively, these videos can be created to explain assignments.  These videos are only meant to be hosted internally (for example on Moodle).

The videos are expected to be no more than of 5-minutes in total duration. And there are flexible options to feature:

  • A combination of video material alongside screencast footage, featuring the navigation on the Moodle site;
  • Or simply, footage of the staff introducing the course/module.

With possible options for B-roll (alternative footage accompanying the main footage) and additional footage if appropriate, as decided once a meeting has been scheduled.
All filming sessions will be no more than 35-minutes long and will take place on York Campus (HG156).

For visual guidelines and examples of videos please refer to the videos below:


It’s important to note that the staff are required to write a script for their video material which should be sent to k.brence@yorksj.ac.uk -two days prior to filming the latest. And formatted in a Microsoft Word document format.

The script might include information such as:

  • Introducing yourself & the module/course;
  • Learning outcomes;
  • What will be the type of assignments, how much will they weight of overall grade;
  • Deadlines;
  • Navigation on Moodle and how students can access assignments/sources. (This will feature screencast footage);
  • Who students can contact for more information/what help can they get for this module/course.

To schedule a filming session please complete the Booking Form for more details and book your Filming Session.

If any questions or concerns arise, please contact Kristine Brence via e-mail: k.brence@yorksj.ac.uk


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