What's New in Mahara

Over the summer Mahara, the e-portfolio system, has had an update. This blog post highlights some of the newer features of the software.
The Mahara Dashboard

SmartEvidence Map
SmartEvidence Map

The text box has been split into: note and text. Note is used if you want to reuse the writing on another page. Text is used if the writing does not need to be reused.
The Social Media block allows you or your students to add links to social media pages, such as Twitter.
Group journals can be created.
You can reply directly to a comment on your portfolio.
Open Badge collections can be added to your portfolio pages
Automatic resizing of images when they are added to a portfolio page, so they fit into the width and be scaled to display correctly.
Smart Evidence allows you to work with competency frameworks in Mahara and associate them automatically with an evidence map for a visualisation of the competencies already gained, in progress, and not yet started.
Keep an eye on our blog for more detailed posts about some of the features over the next few months! In the meantime if you’d like to know more about specific features of Mahara please contact the TEL via email: tel@yorksj.ac.uk. Are there any features you’re interested in using? Are you pleased about the changes to Mahara? Let us know in the comments below.


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