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Digital Accessibility Checklist

Get off to a great start this year by ensuring you are creating digital content with accessibility in mind.

As discussed in TEL blog posts from last year, the need to ensure accessibility of online resources has been highlighted by the introduction of digital accessibility regulations that became law on 23rd September 2018.

Accessibility is a key consideration and benefits all students. As you prepare Moodle courses for this semester and beyond, we hope that the Digital Accessibility checklist below will help you to keep some of the most important points in mind.

If you are interested to learn more about accessibility, please view our previous posts and take the short Lynda course on Creating Accessible Documents in Microsoft Office reviewed by Suzy back in November. You can also get in touch with the Digital Training team to take a course in making accessible documents. In the coming weeks, we’ll also be releasing some online accessibility training aimed specifically at York St John teaching staff.

As always, if you need any help with Moodle or working on the accessibility of your course, please get in touch with the TEL team.

Do… use a combination of colour, shapes and text to convey meaning align all text left and use 1.5 line spacing, use headings, sub-headings and bullets to break up information, use heading styles in online text boxes and Microsoft Word docs., add alternative (alt) text to all images and transcripts for videos, use good colour contrasts and a readable font, write descriptive and meaningful headings and hyperlinks, Add captions to video content. Don’t Use colour alone to convey meaning, justify text or align it centre or right make complex, cluttered layouts and menus, rely on text size and layout for structure, provide rich media content without a text alternative, underline words, use italics or write in capitals write uninformative links and headings, automatically play audio and video content. Remember, contact Digital Training if you need help creating accessible documents Remember not all library content is accessible. Please request accessible versions of library material viayour online reading list or by contacting your Academic Liaison Librarian Remember contact the Technology Enhanced Learning team for help applying principles of inclusivity and accessibility to your Moodle course Remember Signpost students to the Assistive Technology team


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